Hi everyone! I'm Lisa, a 39 year old mom of 3 and obsessive photography nerd. Photography is pretty much my life, not just something I do to make money. I started taking photos as a kid, using my parents 35mm Minolta SLR with manual focus lens. My friends and I would set up photo shoots of ourselves, dogs and rabbits. My uncle had a camera collection and he would sometimes he would gift me cameras. My favorite was one that used flash cubes. I thought it was the coolest ever! 

I have taken 3 college photography courses; film photography, digital photography, and intermediate photography. I never thought I would enjoy developing my own film and printing my own photos, but it was actually my favorite photography class! I also learned how to put together and present a portfolio in these classes. 

I am currently a photographer for the Sacramento News and Review. With them I have had the opportunity to photograph people from all walks of life. From punk bands to brewery owners, and everything in between! My photographs have been featured on 6 covers so far. 

My favorite types of photographs to take are portraits. I absolutely love photographing babies, children and families. Babies and children change and grow so quickly, that I feel it's so important to capture them at every age. The days are long, but the years are so short. 

Thank you for reading my "about me" section! I would love to photograph you, your family and or your kids. Please feel free to send me an e-mail at lisabaetzphoto@gmail.com or a text at 916-216-1796 to book a portrait session!